Was Hairdressing Style Cuts
Style Cut & Blow Dry$88.00
Cut & BD with Colour$84.00
Student Cut & Blow Dry$78.00
Men’s Cut$57.00
Student Cut, Clippers & Blow Dry$52.00
Cut 13 and Under$52.00
Was Hairdressing Blowwaves
Long Blow Dry$60.00
Weekly Blow Dry$57.00
Comb Up$33.00
Formal Style$81.00
Blow Wave with Curling Irons$65.00
Just Curling Irons$33.00
Was Hairdressing Hair Colours
Hair Line Tint$62.00
Semi Permanent Colour$86.00
Permanent Tint Retouch$86.00
Colour Balance Roots to Ends$119.00
Colour Correction$139.00
Olaplex in salon$40.00
Olaplexin salon & take home$82.00
Was Hairdressing Foil Highlights
Per Foil highlights$8.50
1/4 Foil highlights$79.00
1/2 Foil highlights$139.00
3/4 Foil highlights$170.00
Full Head of foil highlights$235.00
EVY Ionic Straightening
EVY Permanent Straightening$625.00
Agave Smooth$320.00
brazilian blow outTBA
permanent straighteningTBA
Make up
Day / Night Make Up$75.00
Bridal Beauty$85.00
Debutane Pack$145.00
Permanent Wave – Short119.00
Permanent Wave – Shoulder$149.00
Hair & Scalp Treatment$30.00
Olaplex Treatment & Blow Dry$79.00
Instant Treatment$17.00
Full Head taped hair extentions 50cm$899.00
Full head taped extentions 50 cm$655.00
1/2 Head taped extentions 50cm$395.00
ReTape move up Extentions$175.00